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presented by PROF.DR. ROBERT HESS

number of cancer patients increases drastically

In 2012, about 14 million people in the world are suffering from cancer. The World Cancer Society says in 2032 it will increase to 22 million, 8.2 million of whom died in 2012 from cancer. In the future, it will be going up to 13 million.

For the pharmaceutical industry it is a lucrative prospect with huge commercial potential, as today it already has become a thriving business of 65.6 billion in sales. One expects above-average growth for the future. The WHO considers, however, one should invest more in prevention. Similar to salvagen, the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg - one of the largest of its kind in the world – says that, the approach of using personalized medicine in conjunction with whole genome sequencing, has a very great potential.
12th of February 2014

Developed by Nobel Laureates

Elisabeth Blackburnsalvagen is one of the leading healthcare providers in Europe. With our access to major universities and research institutions, we can use the most modern testing methods. Our special telomere analysis was developed by the scientist Elizabeth Blackburn, who recently received the Nobel Prize for Medicine. We also use in our investigations the latest scientific tools, such as genetic polymorphisms, transcriptome analysis, epigenetic analysis, as well as proteomics and laboratory tests such as nitro or neuroendocrine stress profiles.

Your genes are unique, so is your health.

Why do some people stay into old age very healthy and others do not? The secret lies in adapting our way of life to our genes. So for certain people certain foods are beneficial to their health, but not for others. The same is also used for medicines and even choosing the right sport. The human genome decides what is healthy for our bodies and what is not. salvagen therefore develops for each person,based on his or her genes, and the laboratory data, a personalized health program. Learn about the new dimension of the optimization of your health!  More...

Personal Coaching / Monitoring

To support the salvagen health program, we offer customized coaching. Our monitoring controls your current health status. You know at any time, what progress you are making and what adjustments may be needed. The consulting services include:

  • Your personal contact person
  • Optimal frequency and appointment grid
  • Continuous assessment (scoring)
  • Communication according to your needs (email, phone, Skype, etc.)
  • Organisation of screening tests